Food, Drugs & Supplements

Keeping You And Your Customers Safe

We at Schilleci & Tortorici are passionate about providing legal representation to our pharmaceutical, dietary supplement, and food industry clients. Our team often works directly with the industry manufacturers, distributors, and retailers in these sorts of cases, mainly because our clients have questions regarding their labels. These questions can arise from many different places, such as:

  • Social media outlets
  • Online forums and article posts
  • FDA notices

There are so many rules and regulations that come with the advertising and labeling of these types of products. Over time, these rules have become so complicated that they sometimes seem to contradict one another, so we completely understand just how tricky it can be to sell your product in both a safe and effective way.

Jody Schilleci is an expert at dealing with these types of cases, having worked with countless products in the food, drug, and supplements industry over the course of his many years as an attorney. He realizes just how intricate and confusing the state and federal laws and regulations can be – and he knows exactly what to look for in order to ensure that you’re complying to the permissible guidelines. Jason Tortorici, meanwhile, is an expert at explaining these processes to our clients so that they completely understand what it is they need to do to steer clear of any foul play.

We are passionate about providing legal representation to our pharmaceutical, dietary supplement and food industry clients. It can be tricky navigating through all of the rules and regulations for advertising and labeling of products in this industry. We understand the complex and confusing state and federal, laws and regulations that our clients frequently encounter in their day-to-day operations. With our knowledge and experience, we ensure our clients are adhering to all guidelines and maintaining the best marketing practices for their products.

What if you’re Already in Trouble?

Schilleci & Tortorici isn’t only apt to work with clients who are simply worried that they might eventually do something wrong; our team is just as prepared to represent clients who have already received a letter from the FDA (or another organization) informing them that they are under investigation.

In this type of scenario, we would first determine all the ways you can comply with the accuser to ensure you’re no longer under immediate pressure. Once we’ve gotten you back on the right track, our lawyers work with you to make sure you’re covered in the event of a possible lawsuit or governmental proceeding.

With our knowledge and experience in handling food, drug, and supplement cases, our clients are left feeling confident that they are adhering to all the necessary guidelines. They are then able to expand upon the things we teach them in order to maintain the best marketing practices for their products.

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