Entertainment Law

At Schilleci & Tortorici, Jody and Jason understand that your passion and creativity is your business and your livelihood. Whether you are a rock star, television personality, fitness entrepreneur, author, artist, or publisher our team is experienced in taking care of your legal needs. 

We at Schilleci & Tortorici are passionate about the entertainment industry. Our passion and knowledge of film, television, music, and publishing combined with our years of experience representing small and closely held businesses set us apart.  We’ve had experience in handling successful entertainment clients across the country; from protecting and securing their brand, copyrights and trademarks, to negotiating their contractual agreements.  We go to bat for our entertainment clients and help them reap the rewards of their success. 

When working with our team you will find that we are easy to talk to. We help you to take your ideas to the next level while protecting your creativity. Our hands on business practice helps us connect with you, and have an understanding of your goals. We help our clients to level up in the industry without fear. 

Before you step on stage contact Schilleci & Tortorici and let us navigate the legal aspects of your next adventure.

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